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by Eds2255
Sun Nov 06, 2022 2:55 am
Forum: I had a boyfriend/girlfriend I left him/her, I think I made the worst decision of my life.
Topic: Keep holding on!
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Keep holding on!

Hi everyone! Please hear me out! My cousin is a woman who was previously involved in a long-term relationship. They first met when they were 21 years old and are now 29 years old. They split up a year ago because my cousin became addicted to clubbing without telling her boyfriend. She had never been...
by Eds2255
Tue Oct 25, 2022 1:22 pm
Forum: I need your quick advice, I can’t decide! Give me your opinions…
Topic: What should I do?
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What should I do?

Hi everyone, I want to vent out my frustration. This year, I completed my college degree, and my family is overjoyed since I am the family's first graduate. They constantly asking when and where I would work, which put too much pressure on me. Due to peer pressure, I applied for a job with one of my...