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by Desly544
Sat Nov 05, 2022 8:11 am
Forum: I am a hard worker, I do work a lot, no time for myself but I am well paid…the thing is I would love to build a family, get back home and love and feel loved… how is that possible?
Topic: How to settle?
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How to settle?

Hi everyone, badly needed your advice. My friend began working at a young age after her parents died and she took care of her younger brother. She has many responsibilities at such a young age that she is unable to socialise with others. Her brother has finally graduated from college and, at her age...
by Desly544
Thu Oct 27, 2022 2:55 am
Forum: I feel over weighted what’s the best way to loose weight quick and easy please
Topic: My poor son!
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My poor son!

Hi everyone! I need some advice. Despite his early age, my 10-year-old kid is fat. When he came home from school one day, he was weeping towards me, and I heard that he had been bullied due of his weight. My heart aches as his mother, and I want to assist him in developing his self-esteem. I began l...