What is the best thing for him?

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What is the best thing for him?

Post: # 94182Post Sophie567
Wed Nov 30, 2022 10:45 am

Good day, everyone! Kindly help my uncle!

My uncle has been with the same company for ten years and earns enough to support his family. My grandfather abruptly decided to sell his rental house property because he is unable to manage it properly due to his age. My uncle thinks it would be a waste to sell the property because it is doing well, and he wants to buy it and quit his job. Our relatives agree that it's a shame, and that my uncle is ideal for taking care of the property. He knows how to run a business well, but he was sad to leave the company, possibly because of his co-workers. He also believes that his consistent monthly income is the reason why my aunt wants him to weigh which has more benefits and losses to them. What do you believe will be the best choice?

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Re: What is the best thing for him?

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Fri Dec 02, 2022 4:27 am

Hello, Sophie, it is indeed a crucial decision for your uncle. I believe he should discuss the property with your grandfather. He should negotiate a fair price and ensure the business is in excellent hands. Given that the property is for sale, your uncle should be absolutely sure he will provide a fair wage. Communicating with him is the best option, and your uncle should not resign his work abruptly without a backup plan. Years of hard labor went into that firm, and he remembers his coworkers fondly. Never quit unless he has a plan in mind.

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