I feel pathetic!

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I feel pathetic!

Post: # 94158Post Nathan1124
Thu Oct 27, 2022 5:19 am

Hi everyone, I just want to vent out.

I'm in my mid-30s and want to settle down, but I can't stay in a relationship. My schedule is usually hectic, and I never have time to spend with my partner, which is why they always break up with me. I genuinely want to settle down, but my prior experiences have taught me that we must be practical and save for our future. This time, I understood that we should not take our partner's effort to create time for us for granted. Because I'm usually busy and didn't recognize the mistakes previously, it's always me who can't make up for a missed date. As I become older, I realize the mistakes I made and desire to alter myself for the best. I don't want to go home, sleep, or eat by myself. I'd like to start a family. I enviously watch my friends get married, and they keep asking when it will be my turn. I'm asking the same thing and want to be as happy as they are. However, given my present workload, my friends frequently joke me that if I want to have a family, I should retire. I know it was a joke, but I was thinking the same thing deep down. Is it feasible for me to start a family while being a workaholic?

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Re: I feel pathetic!

Post: # 94161Post Balhaji234
Fri Oct 28, 2022 3:30 pm

Hello, Nathan. I believe you should properly balance your time between job and dating. You should not leave your job without a good strategy, especially when you are in your mid-30s. We need a stable job to be able to settle down. The key thing you should concentrate on is time management. I hope that all works out!

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Re: I feel pathetic!

Post: # 94163Post lilo894
Tue Nov 01, 2022 6:32 pm

Hello Nathan,

I had the issue of working couple of years very long hours as an entrepreneur, without having enough of life balance (do the things I like hobby, have fun, travel), but you don’t seem to have that issue, what is good. Then I balanced it.
I did regret not getting better work/life balance I have to say. So probably you are making the right decision right now, to think about your personal life together with obviously as said Balhaji we need a stable job and also make carrier especially is the 30s.

I think it is possible, question maybe yourself as to whether you work that much because your job requires you to honestly have this big workload or are you having this big workload because you are making yourself available to workload (compare yourself to others with same responsibility range , they might be having same responsibility / salary etc and be working less , then how come they work less, do they just put more limits , do they organize themselves differently or do they delegate where you don't etc….or is it that you genuinely like your job and hence you geniunely decide to work long hours because it does make you happy in that case it is probably much easier as you only need to make the choice to prioritize your personal life over work life. and you will see probably finding the right person for you, and starting to engage in a relationship properly would make you as happy and maybe more , maybe not, time will say.

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