Please help me choose!

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Please help me choose!

Post: # 94178Post Sarah1516
Sat Nov 26, 2022 3:40 pm

Hello everyone! Allow me to share something!

My friend was in a hard circumstance. He is a diplomat who is always deployed to a different country. He was perfectly all right with it because he enjoys working in diverse environments and to face new challenges in his life. He was deployed later this year and found calm in the country. He stated that the internal peace he feels in this environment is highly unforgettable, and that his mental health is maintained in check. He had intended to establish a business in a certain location, but as a diplomat, he is required to go to other nations on a regular basis. He wants to stay in the region permanently, and his family is fine with it as long as he's good. He apparently has a girlfriend there, which I believe is one of the reasons he wants to relocate and start a company. Being a diplomat is his dream career, but pursuing it now may jeopardize his relationship; what is the wisest option he could make?

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Re: Please help me choose!

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Wed Nov 30, 2022 4:58 am

Hello, Sarah, I hope you and your friend are doing well. Personally, I believe your acquaintance should evaluate the area to see if it is suitable for business. When it comes to business, we cannot overlook the calm and comfort it provides. If it is lucrative, we need to consider numerous variables. He might monitor and investigate the region to determine that it is a nice place for him to start a business and leave his dream job. He seemed satisfied with his life there, given he is planning a future business. Salute to him and his new love.

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