Please help me, a twisted fate of career!

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Please help me, a twisted fate of career!

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Sat Apr 16, 2022 3:46 pm

Hello! I need some advice for my friend, John.

Apparently, he left his corporate job and was attempting to open his own restaurant. He has a passion for food and has previously taken cooking lessons. He saved enough money for the business, but he is hesitant. People nowadays prefer meals with delivery services, and he feels that there are a lot of things he must know and learn more about besides cooking. There are several companies whose services are in line with current market trends. He has no concept what to do and loses confidence as he looks at the competition. He believes he is incapable of operating a start-up and intends to return to his regular job. The truth is, he's a fantastic cook, and we can see the joy and passion in his eyes every time he prepares a meal.

What are your thoughts on what he should do?

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