Worries of a mom!

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Worries of a mom!

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Tue Nov 29, 2022 5:09 pm

Good day, everyone! Please bear with me!

My friend has been working for a reputable firm for over 7 years and just resigned due to her pregnancy. She now has two boys and wishes to devote more time to their care. As a professional with significant experience, she may apply for several jobs, but she prefers to work from home. She prefers to work from home, where she can be with her children. Her and her husband do not want to employ another nanny to care for their child since they have noticed that their firstborn is more attached to their nanny. However, there are just a few organizations or firms that provide work from home opportunities. She wants to establish a small business, but her time constraints prevent her from doing so. What would be the greatest choice for her?

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