She needs help!

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She needs help!

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Thu Nov 03, 2022 2:04 am

Hi everyone! Let me share something

Our next-door neighbor gained weight after giving birth. We notice that she loses confidence over time as a result of her sudden change in appearance and weight. She is unable to concentrate on caring for the baby because she is preoccupied with herself. She tries to limit her food intake, but this is harmful to both her and the baby. She also lost consciousness and was rushed to the hospital due to dehydration. She wants to lose weight, but due to a desperate attempt, she is unable to do so perfectly. Her emotional instability and oversensitivity were adversely affected by her weight. She is breastfeeding her child, so she should take her health seriously. She is also looking for vitamins or pills to help her lose weight, but her husband is concerned that they will harm the baby. Do you have any tips for losing weight after giving birth?

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