A traitor lawyer!

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A traitor lawyer!

Post: # 94142Post Balhaji234
Fri Apr 22, 2022 2:54 pm

Hi everyone, please help my friend!

My friend purchased a piece of land near the sea for his business, but there are still people living on it. The former owner of the land did not notify the tenants that it had been sold to someone else. My friend was hesitant and too timid to demand residents to leave his land. He seeks assistance from the municipality to alert them, but no action is taken by the people. That's when my friend decided to seek legal advice from a lawyer. He informed his lawyer everything about his condition, and his lawyer took fast action and responded to his request. He instructed his lawyer to explain the issue to the families on his land and to hold peace discussions about it. However, as time passed, he became aware that his lawyer was repeatedly requesting that he temporarily suspend his activity on his land. He realizes that he has a change of heart, maybe because of his interactions with the families. He believes that his lawyer is not assisting him and is pitying the opposing side. His lawyer, on the other hand, was good at his work, and my friend believes he needs to clear up any misconceptions between them, but he's scared things will get awkward after that. What do you think my friend should do, hire another lawyer, or talk to his lawyer first?

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Re: A traitor lawyer!

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Sun Apr 24, 2022 2:58 pm

Hello, from my perspective, I believe things may become unpleasant if your friend unexpectedly hires another lawyer. It is understandable for your friend to be suspicious because his lawyer abruptly changed, but the confusion may worsen if he does not clear it up right away. If his assumptions are correct, then consider hiring another lawyer. Your friend has already been generous enough to allow them to reside on his property.

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