Please help me!

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Please help me!

Post: # 94154Post Sarah1516
Tue Oct 25, 2022 4:05 am

Hello everyone, please hear me out!

I was in a long-term relationship with someone that I adored. We had a variety of disagreements throughout the years. We recently had a huge disagreement because I'm making plans for our future together, such as creating a joint account for our future budgets. However, it appears that my boyfriend had no intentions at all; I approached him about it, and he became enraged since it appeared that I had lost faith in him. He has been continually providing for his family and is unable to save on his own. I believe I'm sensitive, and I feel bad, but I also don't want to settle with him having no plans at all. We were not getting any younger anymore. I talked with my friends, who advised me that if he would not change, I should end the relationship. Last week, I broke up with him and I’m regretting my decision, I want to get back with him however I don’t know how to approach him.

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Re: Please help me!

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Fri Oct 28, 2022 8:56 am

Hello Sarah, I'm sorry to hear about what happened in your relationship. I've also been in a long-term relationship, and I recommend that you talk with your partner calmly. Like you stated, neither of you is getting any younger, making it difficult to pursue another relationship. Ask for forgiveness and another opportunity, and then try again. Perhaps your boyfriend is likewise struggling with his family and making plans for your future. You should communicate well and allocate your income appropriately. I hope this helps!

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Re: Please help me!

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Tue Nov 01, 2022 4:54 pm

Hey Sarah,
Agreed with Vlad, you could ask for forgiveness to have reacted in a such unexpected way. It was even unexpected for you right? If i understand you well, what happened is you had a "too much " already about things you werent addressing with him. It all fall on him unexpectedly and you quit, but it wasn't your heart reaction but rather a stupid "rational reaction".
You wish you had communicated with him about things before and is very sorry that there was a lack of communication. I think would be good to ask him if he is fine you being here and you trying to make up for your quick reaction.

Maybe if you are not in the same apartment right now and you need to go to him to have this conversation then you could bring with you something he likes such as a chocolate cake or so.

If you find him quite open to be together again and forget about the incident then its fine its great but in the case that he says "no i don’t want to be with you" or anything of that meaning, then you could for example say i'm not insisting as i respect you so much but i love you , you have to know that , and time flies, so ill wait for you to take the time you need to come back to me, but don't be too long as you might meet someone and i might meet someone too and then we would probably be making the biggest mistake as we are the best couple together. We cannot deny all we ve achieved and went through togther and the fusion we have etc and then give couple of quick examples of what you have achieved together and the good moments...

hope it helps Sarah! Do asyou feel is best! keep us posted :)

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