Keep holding on!

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Keep holding on!

Post: # 94172Post Eds2255
Sun Nov 06, 2022 2:55 am

Hi everyone! Please hear me out!

My cousin is a woman who was previously involved in a long-term relationship. They first met when they were 21 years old and are now 29 years old. They split up a year ago because my cousin became addicted to clubbing without telling her boyfriend. She had never been to a club in her early twenties, which stimulated her interest. She spent her twenties with her boyfriend, which limited her activities. When she goes clubbing, she chooses not to tell him because she knows he will be upset, but she is later caught. Because of this, her boyfriend broke up with her, and she begged for forgiveness before they reconciled. Their relationship is no longer what it once was. Her boyfriend is cold to her, and she constantly blames herself for it. She felt he was no longer the same boyfriend she had before. She claims she can tell by the way he speaks, eats, and looks at her. Her crying every night breaks my heart, but I can't blame her boyfriend. Their relationship is no longer healthy and is on the verge of failing. My cousin is tired of trying to fix their relationship and keep it together, so she broke up with him this time. After months of moving on, she accidentally saw him in a movie theatre with another girl. She is still in love with him and wishes to rekindle their relationship. I kept telling her that their relationship would never be healthy again, and she burst into tears. Should she try to rekindle her relationship with him? I believe we should consider their years together.

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Re: Keep holding on!

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Tue Nov 08, 2022 6:03 am

Hi Eds, being in a long-term relationship is one-of-a-kind experience. It was indeed full of ups and downs. We are both in the same situation and I can’t believe that I’ll be saying this. I think her boyfriend made it clear for the past years that they are really over by treating her coldly. She already had the chance to make up for her mistakes and it did not bring good results for them. She already did the best for them and blaming herself for their breakup is not the solution. In a relationship, it is not always the mistake of one, but we also need to look at both of their mistakes. Maybe her boyfriend is so strict that when she had the chance to enjoy the things she doesn't usually do, she kept it hidden. If the girl with her boyfriend is his new lover or partner, we need to respect their relationship and wish them the best even though it hurts. Hope your friend found the one that will give her constant assurance and trust.

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