My problematic father!

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My problematic father!

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Wed Oct 26, 2022 2:57 pm

Hello everyone, I need some advice.

My mother died when I was in college. I was sad since I had missed her final day on Earth. I'm very close to my mom and have had a difficult time adjusting to new changes in my life. After graduating, I looked for job close to my home to assist my father, who was alone. Because my sister works abroad, I was left to care for our father. Despite his age, my father is an alcoholic who constantly begs for money. I generally give him enough money, but he got into a dispute with our neighbor last week. He is clearly at fault, but he continues to insist that he is right. Because of the incident, our water was cut off because we only shared it with them, which would cost me more money that is not in my budget. This is not the first time this has happened, and it continues to bother me. I intend to visit a psychiatrist, but this is not in my budget, and my mental health is deteriorating. Please offer me some suggestions.

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Re: My problematic father!

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Tue Nov 01, 2022 9:22 pm

Hi Jrey
The death of a family member is always a hard time and it seems to me that you kept very strong well done trying to find a job near to your home to be close to your father. Also letting your sister live her dream is a great thing you did and weren’t obliged to.
Maybe what you could do is go yourself to your neighbour and excuse your father behaviour and ask them to discuss things with you from now on, but maybe you believe it is too late since the dispute has gone too far. In general, yes, I do think it is important that you surround yourself with friends you can talk to and discuss your daily hard times, and also, I believe you should surround yourself. You could go to discussion groups, I don’t know what country you are in so as to help but generally in Europe you have many activities you can do in groups such as hiking networking, going out, group of talks, it would be great to have some hobbies you can do when you are not working or handling the issues you have with your father so that you have the strength and patience to take care in the hard times. Balance. I think this forum is great too .

I don’t know whether it is a coach therapist psychiatre that could be the more of help but I guess if you try a coach or terapist and they think it is more of help to go to a psychiatry then they would anyway orient you to that.
keep us posted


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