Is it a blessing?

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Is it a blessing?

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Fri Nov 04, 2022 10:14 am

Hello everyone, it’s me again.

My sister is in college right now and is always on the honor list. She had a promising future ahead of her, but she unexpectedly became pregnant. Her boyfriend has accepted the responsibility and has promised to marry her. To be honest, there is no problem in the family because we can accommodate her needs; it's just that she has the potential to achieve her dreams. She stopped going to school because she couldn't concentrate on her studies due to constant vomiting and early pregnancy symptoms. Meanwhile, her boyfriend's studies continued, and he hopes to graduate this year. My parents also want a grandson/granddaughter because I have no family yet. They are dependent on their parents and cannot make decisions on their own because they are young. Sometimes I see my sister looking through her last photos with her school friends, and I can tell she still wants to continue her studies. She has no regrets about keeping the baby, and if she wants to return to school, I will assist her, but not completely because I have other expenses. She's debating whether to continue her studies or become a full-time mom with a small online business because she can't leave her baby with us because our parents and her boyfriend's parents are both elderly. I fully support her decision, and I'm hoping for better suggestions here.

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