About Us

About Us

Amy is addressing you by these lines:

To you reading these lines…

You might want to know who I am and what pushed me to create this platform. Well, I’ve been thinking and thinking again in my sister’s apartment in London…about how to best describe my story and let you feel what I felt during my many life “sparks” but mainly one which basically hurt me deeply that it finally gave me wings…

As said Nietzsche: “That which does not kill us makes us stronger. An everyday quote we use referring to Kelly Clarkson.

The journey was very difficult, I felt I needed people around me that would understand me and support me more than ever. I mainly found friends that either love me but didn’t understand the extent of my spark or friends that would fake it or inevitably mislead me…because they had an interest in taking a side. This was something I would never have believed could ever happen at that time.

Nowadays no one wants to deal with your sparks… how many times the tone of my friend’s voice would clearly mean: “I’m afraid I can’t help you”

Therefore, I created this platform for you to be able to share all your life sparks with people who doesn’t have an interest in being here for you, people who doesn’t have any pressure whatsoever by being here for you but on the contrary wants to share their experience with you when you need advice or comfort, just someone to care.

That’s the way you can keep strong on the journey…and that’s the way you can make it happen.

Then I thought we could extend this idea to even communicate daily because what could be called a life Spark to you could maybe be a regular scene of someone’s else life and vis versa.

To you reading these lines, I won’t say more for now since I will release the breathtaking poignant story of a lady in her twenties. Novel based on my true story.